Welcome to the Official Hellerfest Website!

 Started in the summer of 2003, we have hosted dozens of bands and have entertained over a thousand guests.

This year Hellerfest will be held on Saturday July 10th. 2021 from 2:00 pm till maybe 4:00 am??

If you plan to camp out overnight, just contact us on this website and we will reserve space for your tent or trailer.

Don’t miss a chance to win the 50/50 drawing usually held around 6:00!

As always, breakfast will be served to those who camp out over night.

This years Featured Band – The Green Planet Band. Welcome back!

Unfortunately the one and only Tal Patton will not be able to attend this year as he will be out of town.

WIFI is now set up so everyone can access Internet.

And Yes .. We Do have a security team in place

Don't Mess With These Guys!